Day 1 – before the start of the course

So here I am, start the course this evening, am sort of excited, but worried I wont like it – my preference would have been the MA in Biblical Studies at Manchester Uni, but cant afford either the time or the money.   This course is different from the MA, it will (hopefully) help me apply what I read in Bible to my daily life and faith, as well as helping me understand God better.  

My personal choice of Bible Translation is Life Recovery NLT, but am liking the look of the NRSV Study Bible we will be using on the course, lots of interesting notes in it.   Grabbed on the first page when it suggested that Genesis wasnt given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai, but was compiled from various authors after Moses death.    As you will realise if you know me, or soon learn if you dont know me, I am definitely not a literal Christian who blindly accepts everything in the Bible as literally true.   God gave me (and everyone else) the ability to question.   I have friends with whom I enjoy serious discussion about Bible passages, and I am hoping for more of that from this course.   

I intend to blog once or twice a week, but time will tell.  I also intend to work out how to include links to other peoples blogs which I follow, if you know of any good ones, please let me know.

About nosnikrapzil

My name is Liz P and I am new to blogging. I am a fairly ordinary sort of person, married with two adult daughters, living in Manchester UK. I am a Christian, and I am about to start a course called Disciple, which is a study of the whole Bible (not just the bit that starts at Matthew!) and its application to the life of each student. I am really looking forward to the study of the Old Testament, especially Torah, because I believe that in order to fully understand the New Testament (NT) it is vital to know and understand the Old Testament (OT) especially Torah - The Jewish Books of The Law - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Judaism has fascinated me since childhood, and I read some Jewish texts and find they help me to better understand God, and importantly, to understand the culture and context of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. Which strengthens my faith and my conscious contact with God. I have almost 15 years recovery in 12 step fellowships, and there will a lot of 12 step stuff in this blog, because my faith and my recovery are very intertwined. What else do I do? I go to the gym most mornings before breakfast, and I really enjoy it. I am tracing my family tree, I read a lot, I never miss an episode of Corrie, I drink "posh coffee" with lovely friends, I sew a bit, occasionally knit, do the odd bit of abstract textile art. And I love shoes!
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