First week – not up to date :-(

So here I am, Sunday afternoon of the first week.  On the first day of our personal study, aka homework stuff, we were to look at and explore the Bible we would be using for the course.  I have bought the recommended Bible, an NRSV study Bible called “New Interpreters Study Bible”, although when I am reading the passages I will be referring to my Life  Recovery NLT.  I  had already done that but did it again so I could write about it in the handbook.   My main issue is its size, weight, and fineness of the pages, I will struggle with that, particularly taking to the sessions; have decided I will photograph pages I will need in session onto my iPad.   The handbook also suggested we think about other  Bibles, including our first Bible.  I still have my first Bible, it was given to me by my grandpa when I was about 7, a lovely leather bound KJV, with lots of pictures and maps, and gold leaf on the edges of the pages.  It isnt a Bible I have read much, but when I was a child and teen I collected bible book marks, and they are all in this Bible on the right pages.  I have many Bibles, in lots of translations, and also a French Bible, which I cant read well, which was in the family.  I would love, but dont have a copy, an actual Jerome’s Vulgate – I have an electronic copy.  Which brings me to another point.  Reading a real “hard copy” Bible seems strange to me, because now I usually read electronic versions on either iPhone, iPad or iMac, some as some as downloads, sometimes on and some on Kindle.  Those of you who know me face to face will know that I often get my phone out to look something up, and I lead Wednesday Worship from my phone, occasionally from iPad.   I love the freedom of having so many versions to hand all the time.  I have already mentioned my fascination with Judaism, and I have an electronic copy of Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB); it isnt very orthodox since it has NT as well as Hebrew Canon!   But I do look at it when I am studying certain passages.

The rest of the week we are looking at the various different types of book in the Bible – poetry, Gospels, letters, history etc,  I am going to be very busy tomorrow 🙂   To be fair to myself, there is a lot going on at present, not least a daughter with a serious foot injury, so my time is filled up easily.  But this is no excuse.  When I have finished this post I will prioritise my time and the things I am down to do this week, and block in time to study.   I am currently glad that I didnt go for the MA, time would have been a nightmare!

I would appreciate your prayers for time and clarity, and for my daughter’s foot.

About nosnikrapzil

My name is Liz P and I am new to blogging. I am a fairly ordinary sort of person, married with two adult daughters, living in Manchester UK. I am a Christian, and I am about to start a course called Disciple, which is a study of the whole Bible (not just the bit that starts at Matthew!) and its application to the life of each student. I am really looking forward to the study of the Old Testament, especially Torah, because I believe that in order to fully understand the New Testament (NT) it is vital to know and understand the Old Testament (OT) especially Torah - The Jewish Books of The Law - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Judaism has fascinated me since childhood, and I read some Jewish texts and find they help me to better understand God, and importantly, to understand the culture and context of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. Which strengthens my faith and my conscious contact with God. I have almost 15 years recovery in 12 step fellowships, and there will a lot of 12 step stuff in this blog, because my faith and my recovery are very intertwined. What else do I do? I go to the gym most mornings before breakfast, and I really enjoy it. I am tracing my family tree, I read a lot, I never miss an episode of Corrie, I drink "posh coffee" with lovely friends, I sew a bit, occasionally knit, do the odd bit of abstract textile art. And I love shoes!
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