Not very efficient :-(

So I was planning to write once or twice a week, and havent written for ages.   Various reasons for that.  I spent a couple of weeks trying to get something we had written as a group to transfer into a post; even when I typed it in directly it insisted on coming in with strange line spacing and looking odd.   Then I had a crazy couple of weeks and forgot.   

This week is half term break, so not got a class tonight.  Actually, I think I will miss having one.  I am enjoying the course now I have got into it.   There is a lot of reading, one week we had to read Genesis chapters 12 – 50.   There were a couple we were to miss out – the genealogy ones, and the chapter about Judah and Tamar.   But I read them anyway.  

Reading parts of the Bible as a chunk is something I like, and have done at various times in the past.   A few years ago I read The Book of God by Walter Wangerin which gives the story of the OT as if it were a novel, missing out all the repetition.   That inspired me to read the actual OT from beginning to end.  I would recommend that to anyone who wants to get to know the basic story of the OT.   

the next week we are to read the rest of Exodus, and some chapters of Leviticus.  But only a couple of chapters of Leviticus.   To my surprise, when I read Leviticus right through as part of my reading of the whole OT, I really enjoyed it.   I knew very little about the whole process of sacrifices and why they happened – indeed I didnt know if it still happened and asked a Jewish friend (More of my friends are Jews, Muslims and Agnostics than Christian).   Sacrifices could only be carried out in the Temple, which was destroyed by Titus in 70CE – no temple so no more sacrifices.    Although I don’t remember, and dont need to remember, what the various sacrifices were, I did get a grasp of the concept of the Law around the practice.   And as an aside “ephod” turns up a lot in crosswords. 🙂

How is the course helping my relationship with God and my journey both as a disciple and in recovery.   In strange ways really.  I have also been doing a Big Book Study in 12 Fellowship, and am attending a 12 Step Bible Study.   I can see how my faith and Biblical teaching slot together into the 12 Step programme, although saying that wouldnt make me popular with many people in fellowship!   Studying Torah in Disciple Course is helping me to better understand God and to see how relevant Torah is to Christians today – Judaism fascinates me, and I believe strongly that Torah is overlooked in Christian teaching,  and that is a loss to Christians.   Over the past three or four weeks, my “conscious contact with God” has become greater, possibly because I have been reading so much of the Bible, and thinking about what I have read and its relevance to me.  And spiritual things are happening, I am getting “light bulb” moments quite often, as well as experiencing spiritual gifts.  Including ones I don’t understand – Christian friends, be aware I might suddenly ask you strange question.   WHAT DO YOU MEAN – I DO THAT ALL THE TIME!   

One question which remains unanswered from the 2nd week of the course. Genesis  3 v 7 – Adam and Eve sewed leaves together to hide their nakedness.   And yes, the Hebrew verb is indeed “to sew”.   Where did they get the needle and thread from, unless God put a haberdashery shop in Garden of Eden.   Okay so I am sometimes irreverent.   

About nosnikrapzil

My name is Liz P and I am new to blogging. I am a fairly ordinary sort of person, married with two adult daughters, living in Manchester UK. I am a Christian, and I am about to start a course called Disciple, which is a study of the whole Bible (not just the bit that starts at Matthew!) and its application to the life of each student. I am really looking forward to the study of the Old Testament, especially Torah, because I believe that in order to fully understand the New Testament (NT) it is vital to know and understand the Old Testament (OT) especially Torah - The Jewish Books of The Law - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Judaism has fascinated me since childhood, and I read some Jewish texts and find they help me to better understand God, and importantly, to understand the culture and context of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. Which strengthens my faith and my conscious contact with God. I have almost 15 years recovery in 12 step fellowships, and there will a lot of 12 step stuff in this blog, because my faith and my recovery are very intertwined. What else do I do? I go to the gym most mornings before breakfast, and I really enjoy it. I am tracing my family tree, I read a lot, I never miss an episode of Corrie, I drink "posh coffee" with lovely friends, I sew a bit, occasionally knit, do the odd bit of abstract textile art. And I love shoes!
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